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Thank you for your interest in participating in the first ever Cincinnati Body Paint Expo! Please hit the "I'm In!" button to e-mail us and get set up to get your paint or model on after reading the info below.
Here is the run down:
-It is preferred that you bring your own model, if you can't find a model you can contact us and we will do our best to get you one.
-You must use paint and products that are specifically formulated for body painting or makeup purposes! No acrylics allowed.
-You will need to have examples of your face paint, body paint, or makeup for galleries and to show that you have experience in the makeup field.
-You must be 18 or older to participate.
-Your model must wear at least underpants and pasties for this event.  If you prefer to do a partial body paint that is totally fine.  We ask that you use costume pieces to cover whatever is not painted.
-The theme is A Midsummer Night's Dream: This means fairies, flowers, forest creatures, magic, etc.  Feel free to be creative!
-12pm-5pm - Painting Time! This is a no pressure event, feel free to mingle and check out everyone's work. We want the painters to get to know each other and create fun art together.  Mid-day food and drinks will be provided.  If you want to arrive later that is fine if your design can be done for show time!  We will have a photographer taking behind the scenes photos towards end of the paint time.  *No one outside of painters, models and approved assistants will be allowed in the paint venue.
-5pm-6:30pm - We will make a few announcements, finish up painting, pack up, change (if desired) and head over to New Riff! 
-Attire is Cocktail to business casual for the party, but if you want to dress up to the theme or to match your model that would be great!
-7pm - Body Art Fashion Show! Each model will have 3 minutes to walk the runway music will be provided.  They can strut their stuff and really show off the art.  Once all the models have gone, we will do a final parade with everyone. 
-Once that portion is done we will do a Q&A with Aryn Fox, then announce Audience Favorite! They will receive a small prize.  
-After that it's party time! 


-You must be 18 or older to model.
-You will need to provide examples of modeling that you have done in the past to show you have experience modeling.
-It is important that you eat through out the day and stay hydrated, we will have food and beverages but if you have specific dietary needs or wants, we encourage you to bring those things along.
-You will be needed from 12:30pm until at least 8pm.  Once the crowd favorite is announced you may head out but we encourage you to stay and mingle.
-The itinerary is above!
-We will try to play the music that will be played for the runway portion so you can get a feel for what you will be walking to.
-Bring a silky robe, or loose fitting clothes to make the short trip from the paint venue to the event venue.  
-Please come showered, with no lotion.  If you have any allergies to makeup or adhesives please let your artist know.
-Once you are assigned to an artist they will give your more details on shoes, hair, and any other important things to bring.
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